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Windshield Repair

Windshield repair history contains many individuals and entrepreneurs that solve many problems and have now become successful. This history mainly points out the companies that manufacture the equipment required to repair. Still, we can forget about the repair service technicians' hard work and training, who are the actual reasons behind the successful repair. This industry has prospered because of the endless efforts of these pioneering retailers. This history mainly wonders around the areas in the US. Many of these companies have their branches worldwide. Many have also associated with different companies in other countries; without the service centers' efforts like auto glass Phoenix, windshield repair would not reach the current place.

When we go through the history of windshield repair, we cannot find the recent technological innovations. The technology used in windshield repair is related to the glass's internal layers laminated by heat and pressure in a special kind of furnace. Windshields are made with lamination glass due to their property being intact. The repair in laminated glass is possible by removing the air bubbles or dust particles between the layers and replacing a resin. The automobile laminated glass was also there in the 1930s. Still, today's auto glass came into existence in the 1960s when a plastic inner layer of (PVB) was added, and the first windshield repair procedure was invented in the early 1970s. It was a pure cosmetic invention in that era. A fluid containing oil was mostly poured into the windshield's crack area to cover the chips. But that was not a permanent repair procedure.

Minnesota Mining and manufacturing (3M) Company located in St. Paul, Minnesota was the first to perform a successful repair; they introduced a system known as "Scotch Weld" in the early 1970s. In this procedure, ultrasound waves were used to clean the cracks first and then fill them with resin. This process dealt only with heavy vehicle auto glass damages and only one kind of chip that was bull's eye type and was quite expensive. This company introduced a windshield repair procedure, but they never went on a long run in the end.

As time went by, the windshield repair procedures came into being but became outdated too; by the year 2000, many major changes occurred in the auto glass repair system, and the windshield replacement market also progressed rapidly. As the repair process was done by many individual auto glass service centers and US retailers, neither of the ones made any innovative effort towards the industry of windshield repair. The auto glass repair done in Europe is far, much better than in the US. In 1998 a US-based company started a unit that worked on bringing a drastic change in windshield repair, and we have auto glass replacement services that are working day night, and due to our hard work, this industry is progressing well.

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